Clash of Lights APK Download 2020 – Latest & Best COC Servers (S1, S2, S3, S4) – How to Install Free Guide

Have you been playing the clash of clans game for some time? Is it your favorite strategy warfare game around among all other options available? Have you loved every aspect of the game except the fact that it requires you to wait for long until you get access to enough resources and are able to build your armies and war base to the desired level? You’re not alone. That’s the misery every COC player has to go through and there are many workarounds that you can get your hands at. The best among the lot is certainly Clash of Lights APK Download 2020. The popularity graph for the clash of lights mod is continuously on the rise and for many good reasons too. But what’s this fuss all about, you may wonder. Let’s get into some details.

 Clash of Lights APK 

The clash of lights APK really is something special for the avid COC gamers and it is also growing in popularity with every passing day too. More and more COC fans are switching to this mod game version these days. As mentioned earlier, probably, the most problematic thing about the popular Clash of Clans game is that the progress is quite slow and you have to go through steady upgrading as you build your base and increase your town hall level to the maximum. This time consuming part of the game really kills you, especially, when you are in a rush and want to progress quickly so that you can enjoy the best entertainment experience.


Now, regardless of all the popularity and entertaining experience on offer with Clash of Clans game, the crazy gamers do not love it for its limited resources offered to them and the never ending waiting periods to unlock different achievements so that they could move ahead and enjoy more. And, obviously, you have to build strong and big army in the game and you’d like to do it in the fastest way possible. But that’s not possible, unfortunately.

So, are you tired of all this?

  • Has upgrading become more of a headache for you?
  • Don’t like collecting resources all the time?
  • Don’t love the tight rules?
  • Want to get access to high level troops and win battles consistently?
  • Want to get better performing heroes and upgraded buildings without any hassles?

The Clash of Lights APK allows you to get rid of all these issues and restrictions. There are no such rules to follow and you get all the liberty you need to make the job easier for you and enjoy the game just the way you like it.

All you need to do is to download COC private server and start enjoying the game like never before. There won’t be any hassles whatsoever and you can simply download and install the APK to your device and start enjoying a restriction-free gaming experience.

 Don’t Know Yet What Is Clash of Lights APK? 

If you do not still understand exactly what this clash of lights apk is, here is a little explanation. The COL mod apk is the modified game version for the famous Clash of Clans video game and it is often referred to as Clash of Clans mod apk too.

The mod apk for COL, just like with any other game, features some extras which have been the most desirable attributes of the game but aren’t there in the original version. So, what happens is that the third party developers tweak around with the functionality of the original game, keep the same basic features and gameplay options, and allow gamers to enjoy the gaming experience they have long been craving for. The mod apk versions of the popular games are also hosted on third party servers as well and do not really have anything to do with the original developers and their gaming servers.

 Clash of Lights APK Download 2020 

Now that you know exactly what is clash of lights mod apk, and have a clear understanding of the concept itself, you should now move forward with the download. Just click on the download button here and you will get your clash of lights apk right away. Download it on your primary Android device and you won’t have any hassles whatsoever in enjoying a gaming experience that you have always wanted.

This clash of lights apk download 2020 is the latest mod apk version and it will have all the extensive features that you have been looking for. Just hit the download button, wait until your download is complete, and get the installation process going. Your exciting Clash of Lights game is just a few clicks away.

Download Clash of Lights APK

APK:                                                 Clash of Lights

Version:                                          Lights 11

Size:                                                 116 MB

Uptime:                                           99%

Requirement:                                Android 4.0 or above

 Clash of Lights APK Features 

When you compare the clash of lights APK features to various other COC mods out there, it simply stands out among the rest. It is, without any doubt, the best private server available for playing Clash of Clans game. It gives you access to all those resources which you fail to get in the regular game.

Here’s what it offers you:

  • Ability to make alliances in Clans
  • 100% uptime
  • Ability to build the base, train troops, and compete against enemies
  • Unlimited resources

Before you can continue though, there are a few things you’d need. Here’s a look at these:

  • Stable, high-speed internet connection (Wi-Fi is recommended)
  • Manually install the application
  • Look into Unknown Sources section in security settings and allow installation

Furthermore, the apk may:

  • Download some additional files
  • Restart your device several times when installing
  • Load several times

 Basic Features of Clash of Lights Mod 

Here we have some of the basic gaming features highlight for you before you could start playing the popular Clash of Lights game. In fact, these features are what you’ll be installing the mod for in the first place. Let’s have a look.

  1. Unlimited Resources: First and foremost, you will be getting access to unlimited resources when you download and install this mod apk on your device. In fact, it’s the most significant of all too. The game requires you to be in possession of enough resources to do just about anything. Whether it is training your armies, building a new establishment, mining resources, or anything else, you’d be in need of either of elixir, gold, dark elixir, and gems. The more you have in your possession, the quicker things will move for you in the game. However, when you go for the clash of lights APK download 2020, you get all these resources in unlimited numbers. Hence, you will continue to progress in COL at your own will and nothing can stop you from making it big.
  2. Town Hall 12: Probably, the highest you can go with your Town Hall level in the game is to reach Town Hall 12. And, once you get there, you become entitled to a never-ending list of features and privileges. There will be new troops and buildings unlocked and you will be able to enjoy the game better than ever before.
  3. Builder Hall 8: As far as the Clash of Clans Builder Hall is concerned, Level 8 is the maximum you can get to. The best part is that you don’t have to struggle to get to that level when you install this COL apk to your device. Everything will be served to you on the platter. In fact, your game starts with Builder Hall 8 in the first place. Being at this level of builder hall unlocks a variety of new buildings, and troops, and there would be no waiting around for them.
  4. Fast Speed: The issue with most third party gaming servers is in their reliability. Often, they have performance issues and glitches that affect your overall gaming experience. But you can easily get over that when you install Clash of Lights to your device. You get a fast speed and reliable server that will truly give you a whole new and exciting gaming experience.

 Clash of Clans Private Server for iOS 

So, all that was listed above was for Android devices? What about iOS? Is it possible to enjoy the same enthralling gaming experience on the iOS devices too? Yes, you definitely can by downloading COC private server mod for the iOS devices. Hit the download button and identify the version that you’d like to continue with before you can actually download and install the mod to your device.

Everything will continue in the same order as with mod version for Android. The downloading will start and loading will be performed a few times. Once the processing is complete, your game will start and you can have some fun and exciting moments with your new Clash of Lights apk.

Just download and install this Clash of Lights COC mod to your iOS device and enjoy easy access to almost everything that you have been waiting for. Above all, it will be completely free. Your entire gaming experience will be revamped and you’ll be getting it on the device of your choosing too. Just start playing the game now and have ultimate fun.

 Latest COC Servers Comparison 

There are four different versions of the Clash of Lights mod apk available and you can pick and choose which of them you’d like to download and install to your device. Each of these clash of lights private servers come with their own features and you can compare them right here with all the information provided for you.

Clash of Lights S1

When you have clash of lights S1 private server downloaded and installed to your device, you can build your armies and the base very quickly and develop the defense strategy accordingly as well. You get unlimited resources including elixir, gold, gems, and everything else. And, when you have unlimited supply of everything in the game, you can use it at your own will. Here are a few features of the COL S1.


  • Absolutely unlimited resources
  • Free access to elixir, dark elixir, gold, and gems
  • Enemy traps unlocked
  • Witch towers, Dragon, and archer unlocked
  • More than 600 army slots available for building a huge army
  • Join clans and make new friends

Clash of Lights S2

This is the second incremental release of Clash of lights private servers. The amazing private server lets you to enjoy an all unique COL experience. Obviously, there is no change to the basics and you have access to unlimited gems, elixir, dark elixir, and gold. Here’s a run through of features on offer in this COL S2 server.


  • Best private server mod for the Android users
  • Allows for making unique army dresses
  • Unparalleled speed and maximum efficiency
  • Access to unlimited resources and zero upgrade time for the establishments
  • Custom heroes and buildings

Clash of Lights S3

The next incremental release of the COC private server is this clash of lights S3 where you also get unlimited access to resources you need and want. Enhance your gaming experience and maximize the entertainment and fun you can have with this private server mod. With this private server installed on your device, you never need to root it and will get access to all the features on offer. Here’s what you get with this private server mod.


  • Make new characters as you like without any limitations
  • High speed server without any chances of crashing and zero lag time
  • 99% uptime and optimal performance
  • Set up your own island tower, legendary tower, and beast tower, to make your defenses invincible
  • Works both on iOS and Android devices

Clash of Lights S4

Similar to all the three private mods listed above, this Clash of Lights S4 private server mod is yet another mod apk for the clash of clans game with all the features of other mods and some unique stuff as well. Here is what you get with this mod apk.


  • Unlimited elixir, dark elixir, gems, and gold supply
  • Make alliances with other players by joining clans
  • Unlimited upgrades for buildings and troops
  • No interruption whatsoever in your gaming experience and maximum uptime
  • 24/7 access to your base

 Installing Clash of Lights APK 2020 

So, now that you are convinced, and want to play the favorite game of yours by lifting all the limitations in place, you must go on with the download and installation. And, if you have already downloaded the clash of lights apk 2020, it’s time that you go on with the installation process on your Android device. Make sure that your device meets all the requirements for installation and move forward. Before you proceed, however, ensure that you have a high-speed, stable connection to the internet and that there’s enough storage space available on the device. Once you have downloaded the apk, here are the steps that you need to follow for completing the installation.

  1. Trust Unknown Sources: Allow installation of apps from any unknown sources by going into security settings on your device.
  2. Install COL: Browse the downloaded apk file now from your device’s storage and run it. Now just let the entire setup to continue and wait until it gets completed.
  3. Run the Installed App: Now that the app has been installed on your device, you can now open it and start playing the game. Sometimes, you may be asked for downloading some more files. Just do that.
  4. Download additional files: Once you have downloaded the additional files, the app might restart to complete the server requirements.

That’s all! You have successfully installed the modified version of the popular clash of clans game and can now start playing it like never before. The COL mod is getting increasingly popular and it’s on the latest trends. The major purpose behind downloading and playing this private server mod is to get access to unlimited resources and have fun in an all different manner.

Just make sure that you do not lose patience while installing the clash of lights apk download 2019 as there will be several restarts. Nevertheless, it does not affect the progress of the game. Just download the private server mod and have a uniquely wonderful COC experience.

 How Does It All Work?  

Similar to other different private server mods of the popular games, Clash of lights also relies on hacked launcher app that runs on the client side and connects to a different server. This hacked app comes with all the different features that players have been seeking for long and gives them access to unlimited gems and other resources. The server also allows you to connect to players from around the world just like the original game.

Once you have downloaded and installed the latest COL mod, you get access to unlimited resources in the game without having to spend anything at all for that. And besides these resources like gems, elixir, dark elixir, and gold, you get access to unlimited troops as well as better and upgraded armies. With original application, the costs for gems is anywhere between $1 and $100 but you save that money with this mod.

The strategy warfare game is played in the typical manner as with the original version but you have access to unlimited resources and you also start at a much higher level in the game. So, you just need to develop a perfect strategy because you have everything right at your disposal and with a proper strategy you can achieve wonders in the game.

 Clash of Lights Tips and Secrets You Must Know 

So, all set to start playing the popular strategy game with no restrictions whatsoever? You can achieve wonders if you take the right approach and here we have outlined some tips and secrets for you that will help you do that.

Just get your clash of lights apk download 2019 and have these COL hacks, secrets and tips on your finger tips to achieve what you have always wanted. With the game being regularly updated and new features constantly added to the game from the developers, you will have ultimate fun with new units, spells, towers, and enemy challenges. Let’s run you through these tips from our experts.

  1. Take Time And Give Your Best

Now, that’s something most clash of clans players find themselves in trouble with. They never want to wait for all that time needed in upgrading. But that’s what you need to do. You have to ensure that your buildings and defenses reach the maximum level. Despite the fact that you already have started at a much advanced level courtesy clash of lights apk, you should let the upgrades to complete in relatively less time and build strong defenses. You’ll definitely end up defending your base a lot better.

  1. Save Elixir From The Attacks

You have a sneaky option to save the entire elixir that you have won from battles whenever your base is under siege. You just have to make sure more troops are queued in the barracks and there is no army slot left behind. Get all your armies ready and fully trained to make sure whenever you are attacked, the least damage is served and your elixir storages are secured.

Besides, even when you have your troops under training and you have already spent elixir on their training, you can still save that money and get the elixir back. Yes, if you have changed your mind, you can simply cancel the upgrades and get all that elixir supply back right away.

  1. Find The Inactive Players

Now, that’s something really interesting. When you are looking for the opponent bases to attack, it would be a great idea that you find inactive players. The reason is that they may not have trained their troops for a long time and you’d be easily able to rob them of all their wealth i.e. gems, gold, elixir, and dark elixir.

It may be a bit hard to find such players often because other players might have already looted them. But if you search a bit more extensively, you are surely going to come across bases with full gold mines and elixir collectors along with storages of both the resources.

Seek out other players that have gold mines or even elixir collectors, that way you will know they have something worth your time when you loot them. After all, it is completely free to search for these bases when you are playing the popular clash of lights apk.

  1. Never Underestimate the Shield You Have

Whenever your base is under attack, if the town is destroyed by 40 percent it will automatically give you a shield for 12 hours so that you can recoup and your armies are trained properly before you could be attacked the next time. In some cases, you get 4 hours of shield as well but that’s not too frequent. So, in this time, you will be able to grab all the resources you need.

Besides, this time can be used for effectively building your defense towers and army ensuring that you are ready to survive more attacks when the shield has gone.

  1. Get The Revenge

Many players of the clash of lights game often overlook the opportunities to attack and take revenge from their opponents who have attacked them and robbed them of their resources. But that’s a big no and one should never miss these opportunities and should claim their lost resources back. You can simply keep watching the bases from where the attacks were launched to your base and attack them the first time you see enough resources and loot there to cover for your losses.

You can analyze the bases of your attackers any time as you like. Just make sure that you are patient enough for them to accumulate enough resources so that you can make the most of your raid at their base. Surprise your opponent with your attack and make sure that you do it when they’re the most vulnerable. It will help you get maximum benefit and be able to proceed in the game to the most advanced stages.

  1. Drop The Trophies

Now, that may sound counter intuitive but it’s often beneficial if you drop the trophies you have earned in the game as it allows you to be matched against the opponents that are rather easier to beat. That’s particularly true when you’re losing most of your battles. Just trade out your short-term, small bonus and achieve bigger gains.

The idea here is to start the battle and ensure that your hero is dropped in the bid to drop trophies at the same time as well. But you shouldn’t really sacrifice your elixir and troops in the process. When you do that and your hero is hurt, ensure that you quite the battle quickly so that you end up losing. Eventually, you will have fewer trophies left to play against the easiest of opponents.

  1. Use Walls to Defend

Your best defense strategy would be to create several layers of walls and ensure that you keep upgrading them to the maximum levels quickly. It will help keep the opponents trying to break the walls while your defense kills them.

  1. Dark Elixir

It’s one of the most precious resources on offer which you can avail either by drilling through the dark elixir drills or by raiding the opponents. However, it has to be unlocked at town hall 7 first before you could get access to this resource. The best thing about clash of lights apk is that you will be starting at a higher town hall level and, therefore, you won’t have to wait until this resource is unlocked.

Once you get this resource, use it for upgrading the heroes and other troops that require dark elixir for upgrading. Keep them in focus during your raids so that you can get the maximum of the resource and increase your armies’ strength by using the resource appropriately.

  1. Save The Spells

Now, whether you are playing clash of lights or the original COC game, you have to make sure that you use your spells wisely and make the most of your powers in the game. Spells are usually quite expensive and they are quite slow in production as well. So, you should only spend them where necessary so that you may never run out of them. Never use your spells out of panic or haste and rather conserve them for the time when they are really needed. As you keep playing the game and advance to the bigger stages, you will have to come up against the hardest of enemies and your spells will play a significant part in defeating them.

So, save these spells for the worst times you are going to face in the game. Try to use spells only where you can earn equivalent or more resources back. This will allow you to have, at least, the same number of spells in your bucket all the time.

  1. Play A Lot

Now, that’s the simplest of tips we have for you today! The more you play, the better your chances will be to win often and claim resources like never before. And, the more you win, the farther you’ll proceed in the game at your own will. If you just notice the best clash players, you’ll find out that they play just too much. They have a packed routine and the more they play, the better they perform in the game. So, whenever you can take a quick 10-minutes break, you should start playing the game.

Now, whether you have enough experience of playing the game or not, relying on these tips is always going to help. You’ll advance to the higher levels in the COC game.

 Clash of Lights APK FAQs? 

If you have started playing this clash of lights apk and there are some questions popping up in your mind, here we have tried to answer the most common of them. Let’s check these out!

  1. Does playing Clash of lights affect my performance in the original game?

No, your COL performance won’t reflect in the original COC game from Supercell. Both the games are hosted on different servers and they run separately.

  1. Is Private server and mod apk the same thing?

Yes, these are the same and it’s just about the naming convention. The mod apk version is the version of the original game with certain modifications that is hosted on a private server.

  1. Is there any Clash of Clans Hack?

In clash of clans, players want to build their own large armies including dragons, archers, and heroes. Even though there are no in-game hacks for achieving these, you can always count on COC mods and private server games to get all those extra features you have been looking for. But one thing you should keep in mind here is that these private servers aren’t the hacks and rather different apps that have to be installed separately.

  1. What is the advantage of having Clash of Lights Private Server?

With Clash of Lights private server, you can simply focus on the strategy for your future attacks rather than accumulating resources and other stuff. When you are just focusing on strategy, you can get better results from each attack you perform.

  1. Is there any drawback of Clash of Lights APK?

A major downside of Clash of Lights APK is that this app is updated quite frequently. So, you will have to go through frequent updates and it will cost you data. Besides the clash of lights S1, all other COL private servers are updated randomly. We update latest download links here and you can go for the Clash of Lights APK download 2019 any time.

  1. Do you need to Root your device to install Clash of Lights?

There is no such requirement for you playing Clash of Lights on your Android device. Just download your COC apk and get through the installation.

It’s just a myth and nothing else that you have to root your device for enjoying access to the COL private server. You don’t need a jailbreak or rooted device for accessing the Mod. Simply download and install the apk, and start enjoying the game like never before.

  1. Is it necessary to update COL APK after download?

Once you have done the Clash of Lights APK download 2019, if you are asked for an update you just do not need to worry about it. Just pay us another visit and you’ll get the updated version right away. And, if you’re still unaware as to how you can download the game, just ask on our community forum and you’ll get proper guidance as to how you can download and install the COL servers apk on your device.

  1. How to get COC hack for iOS devices?

The clash of lights private server is not just for the Android devices and you can have it on your iOS device too. So, here’s what you need to do on your iPhone to enjoy the modified version of the game.

 Download the Apk Mod 

  • Download Cydia Impactor: For installing the mod IPA file, you’ll have to access it from your PC. First you need to download the “Cydia Impactor” software.
  • Connect your iPhone to PC: Connect the device to your PC first. Your device’s name will appear in the drop-down list. And, if it does not, select the device manually.
  • Install the IPA: Just drag/drop the downloaded IPA file on Cydia Impactor interface and it will ask you to provide the details of your Apple ID. Once you are through it, check the device and you’ll have the app already installed.
  • Trust the Profile on your Device: Open your iPhone and browse to Settings à General à Device Management. Access the profile that you have just installed and trust its source. 

That’s it, you can now enjoy the perfect gaming experience on your iOS device.

  1. Why you should prefer clash of lights server apk over other options?

 This COL server is, probably, the easiest option you have for playing COC with no restrictions whatsoever. With this private server you will be able to enjoy a different gaming experience with no wait time and no limitations on resources. The gameplay will be boosted with unlimited gems and everything else. In fact, the entire experience is a whole lot better than what you get with the original game.

  1. Are there any clash of clans cheats?

To be honest, there isn’t any such thing as clash of clans cheats. The servers of Supercell are completely bulletproof. Nevertheless, you can access some different mod versions of the game that will allow you to enjoy a different gameplay experience with no limitations on resources and zero wait time on everything.

 Happy Playing!!! 

So, with everything provided to you right here from the clash of lights apk download to the tips and tricks you need to keep in mind for enhancing your gaming experience, you should start playing the game right away. In case of any difficulties during the download process, or any other issue that you might face, just share your issue with us through the comments section and we’ll be right here to troubleshoot the problem for you.

What are you waiting for then? It’s time that you perform your clash of lights apk download 2019 and start enjoying a restriction-free gaming experience. Just keep your mod installation up-to-date at all times so that you can avoid any kind of glitches and issues whatsoever. Enjoy an all-different gaming experience right away and give yourself a chance to have ultimate fun.