Clash of Lights Apk – Download Free CoC Private Servers S1, S2, S3 & S4 [UPDATED] – How to Install Free Guide

Clash of Lights Apk: The stunning features of the Clash of Clans lead the fans to the Clash of Lights APK. The one of the tricky online game, because of the various achievements to unlock the stages and the users needs to wait for the final limited resources.

The new version like Clash of Lights overcomes all the issues and the limitations of resources which are shaped from professionals. CoL is one of the private or secret server, where you get the unlimited amount of Gems, Elixir and the Gold.  Clash of Lights works same as the Clash of Clans, but this is not the clans. Both the games are different from each other in all the aspects, but you make the strategies and executes in different ways.

Here the big and the extra advantage for the players or fans in Clash of Lights; to play the Clash of Clans without having gold, gems and the extra resources. Here you get the complete and full details of the Clash of Lights APK and the extra features you demand. You find the complete help and the Server details for the Clash of Lights.

 Clash of Lights Server Details 

Here you see the complete guide of the server details of Clash of Lights. You can see that; what is clash of lights server?

There are three main types of private servers which are running the Clash of Lights APK named as S1, S2 and S3. Each of the servers has the different functions and the different results for the users. You can check the different details and the updates of all the servers online here. No worries, you can find the complete guide for the server installation and the executions.

Lets take the server of the Clash of Lights APK, which gives you the combat strategy in the game and play all the features of the Combat online. Then other servers have the different features and you can get many of the functions after learning all the features of the upcoming servers. In this article you can learn all the key functions of each server from which you can play the game with all the features and updates.

 Clash of Lights S1 – FHX Server 

The S1 is the use of the combat strategy which will be used to build towns, villages in short span of time. Via  using the server 1 you can easily create the key resources for the villagers to live and other living resources. It’s the first private server of the Clash of Lights and it also knows as the FHX server. FHX server is also know as the utmost perfect servers for the Clash of Clans users. The main function of the S1 provides you the instant recover from the enemies when you stuck in the battle. It provides you a head start from all the issues in the game. Here below you also get the key features of the Server S1.


Server 1 (S1) Key Features
  • No limits in S1
  • Generate an unlimited amount of Gems, Gold and Elixir free of Cost.
  • Unlock barbarian tower, dragon tower and arch tower
  • Easily unlock from the enemy traps and decorations
  • Create an army with more than 600+ slots
  • Also create new friends and play with them in single clan.

 Clash of Lights S2 

If you want to enable the boost techniques for the living condition for the villagers, then used the S2. Server 2 for the Clash of Lights gives the various features and techniques to enhance the living conditions of the villagers in the battle with limited time. You can also call the magic server and get the unique features from the other servers in the game. One of the amazing feature of this server is to overcome from the enemies in the game when you are stuck in the battle.


The one of the key functions of this server is that, you can easily run this on the Android phone without any rooting it. Lets discuss the some key features of the Server 2.

Server 2 (S2) Key Features
  • Android friendly
  • Make your unique army dresses
  • To Build anything without wasting time
  • Fast & efficient
  • Use maximum power and the strength to make new things.
  • Build custom buildings, homes and horse.
  • Buy own heroes and create maximum troops from the game store.

 Clash of Lights S3 

The S3 is also known as the Clash of Souls server because of its outstanding and extra functions which are given below. The key function of the S3 is the utmost perfection with android and iOS without routing your mobile phones. It also helps to defeat the enemy, if you don’t enable to defeat the enemy or stuck in the game. If you really want to know the best tactics to defeat the enemies, then you need to follow the key features of this server online here.


Server 3 (S3) Key Features
  • Unlimited creation of characters
  • Works faster than the others
  • Amazing uptime up to 99.99 percent
  • Open Island Towers, Beast Tower and the legendary tower via using this server.
  • Make a stronger armed forces than the others
  • Smoothly works with iOS and Android

 Clash of Lights S4 

If you are the lover of the Clash of Clans and wants to play the game without any restrictions, then you need to buy and change many servers to remove or overcome the limits. Like the above all the three servers, the S4 server also removes the limitations to play the full game without any restrictions. Below you find the complete details of the S4 server and its working method. You can also check the key features of the server 4 online here.


Server 4 (S4) Key Features
  • Gets the unlimited amount of Gold, Gems and Elixir
  • Create own alliances
  • Build your own villages and the towns
  • Make your own trained troops for the battles.

 How to download Clash of Lights Private/Secret Servers? 

No worries for the server downloading, it’s a simple and easy way to download and install. Just click the below button to download the APK file from your smart phones. Before downloading the server you need to check the proper internet connection and having enough space on your smartphone.

How to Install?
Here below you see the key points for the installation of the Clash of Lights server APK.

    • Check the free space on your smart phone
    • Download the Clash of Lights Server file on your phone.
    • Uninstall the primary game of Clash of Clans
    • Check the security options of your smart phone
    • Open the documents and select the required sever
    • Give the permission for the server installation
    • Click on the well know & continue with the installation process
    • Now the server is ready to play.

 Download Clash of Lights Latest Versions 

  • Here you can download the latest version of the Clash of Lights.
  • Is it Safe to Download and Install?
  • Yes, it’s safe and secure because we always upload trusted and scanned files on our servers.
  • Is it Free to use?
  • Yes, it’s free to download and install on your smartphone.
  • Does it work on Android or iOS?
  • Yes, it works perfectly on Android and as well as iOS.
  • Will it affect Speed of my phone?
  • No, it won’t harm speed of your phone as it is done with utmost perfection which will not cause any lag. Clash of Lights Download

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