Clash of Lights S4 – The Latest Private Server Mod for COC

There are quite a few private server mods available today for different popular video games. These mods and apk versions of the popular apps come with some additional, most desirable features that have not been provided by the developers of the original apps, not even in their incremental releases. And, if you are looking for something similar for the popular Clash of Clans game, you can get your hands at the latest Clash of Lights S4 which is getting increasingly popular among all the COC lovers looking for the modded version of the game.

 What’s This fuss About Private Server Mods? 

The Clash of Lights S4 refers to a private server mod of original Clash of Clans video game. Now, despite all the popularity gained by these private server mod versions of the game, there are a lot of people who still fail to understand the exact idea behind these modded versions and what they are made for.


So, if you are getting interested, why not start elaborating this Private server thing in more detail. You will eventually understand why it is so important to have something like Clash of Lights S4 installed on your device.

 Understanding the Private Server Games 

If you know the basics, all online games have some host and this host is called a server. As a player, you access the servers through your mobile device with the help of a high-speed internet connection.

Besides the official versions of the game hosted on the servers owned to the developers, there are some other versions available as well which belong to third party developers and are hosted on third party private servers. The modified versions of the game come with same basic gameplay but with some enhanced features that are high in demand among all those avid players of the game. They may have a slightly different name but that’s only to discern them from the original game.

The changes made to these private server mods for any game are all aimed at giving something extra to the players which helps increase their interest even further. And, when you talk about Clash of Lights S4, it’s makes the best example for these mod games.

The COL S4 is a private server mod for the ever popular COC game. It is aimed at giving COC fans a chance to enjoy access to unlimited resources and enhance the gaming experience a lot by taking those long waiting periods out of the equation.

 Are Private Server Games and Mod APKs The Same? 

Well, yes in a way. You might consider them the different sides of the same coin. When it comes to mod apk or mod versions of a game, they have some serious similarities with the original game but come with their own unique set of added features that set them apart. Besides, these modded versions are hosted on a private server. These mod versions don’t have any special change in requirements for installing them to your device and playing the game with extra features. You just need a simple download, install the mod apk, and start playing the game on your Android.

So, both these terms are actually used interchangeably. You must not get confused by them while downloading your Clash of Lights S4 mod apk. If you have not yet downloaded the Clash of Lights S4 mod apk yet, it’s time that you think about it. In fact, you just need to hit the download button and start the download process.

 What Is Clash Of Lights S4? 

Now that you have a proper understanding of private server mods, let’s discover in detail about the Clash of Lights S4. To put it simply, it is a Clash of Clans mod version and takes the popular strategy warfare game to the next level. Wondering what it offers in addition to the original features of the game? Well, there is a lot that you can use for rejuvenating your gaming experience. In fact, COL S4 takes your COC experience to a whole new level.

If you have long been playing the Clash of Clans video game, you’d already know about all those restrictions which extend the game and keep you waiting for days and even weeks to complete certain tasks. As you continue proceeding to the advanced stages in the game, your upgrades, troop training, and all other chores need more time and resources to get through them. But when you are playing the Clash of Lights S4 game, you get rid of all those restrictions giving yourself a perfect gaming experience.

The COC mod apk gives you access to unlimited resources including gems, gold, elixir, and dark elixir. So, you never have to worry about those limitations ever again. Just keep your focus on how you’ll be building your troops and what strategy you’d implement to win wars against the enemies. You’ll enjoy clan wars even more when your mind will be free from any such restrictions.

Clash of Lights S4 Features
Here are some of the key features of this latest mod apk for the popular Clash of Clans game.

  • You will get unlimited supply of Gold
  • You will get unlimited supply of Gems
  • You will get unlimited supply of elixir and dark elixir
  • You will get unlimited troops
  • The COL S4 relies on DDoS technology for making it safe and secure
  • The COL S4 offers best performance with its powerful servers

 Ready To Download Clash of Lights S4? 

Now, if you are thinking about clash of lights S4 download, you should proceed with it and simply click on download button here. The download instructions are given here as well and you just need to follow them precisely before you could go on to install it to your device and start enjoying your favorite game without any restrictions.

Here we have listed the steps you need to follow for installing the COL S4 on your Android device and PC. Let’s have a look.

 Installing Clash Of Lights S4 On Android 

Your primary motive must be to install the COL S4 private server mod to your Android device. Just follow the step by step instructions given below for doing so.

  • Turn on your Android device and browse the location on which you have your COL S4 apk file stored
  • Launch the apk by tapping on it and allow required permissions
  • The installation will start and complete in a few moments

Once the installation is complete, you will be able to see the COL S4 icon on your home screen. Just launch the game from there and start playing the latest mod version right away.

 Installing Clash of Lights S4 On PC 

Sometimes, you want to take the excitement to the next level by playing your favorite video game on a bigger screen. Yes, the fun is simply doubled up when you shift from your tablet or smartphone to PC. Fortunately, you can have that same exciting experience playing Clash of Lights S4 on your PC as well. Here we have listed the steps you must follow to install COL S4 on your PC.

  • Start by ensuring that your PC is connected to the internet.
  • Launch your browser and make a search for COL S4 apk before you could download it from a reliable source.
  • Search and download Blue Stack Android emulator.
  • Install Blue Stack to your PC and launch it.
  • Drag/drop the downloaded COL S4 apk file to Blue Stack for installation.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can start playing the Clash of Lights S4.

If you have some common questions in your mind regarding Clash of Lights S4, here we have the answers to them.

  1. What is Clash of Lights S4?

It’s a private server mod which is not hosted on Supercell servers. The mod apk is hosted on third party servers and gives you access to unlimited resources in the game. You can enjoy playing the game with unlimited gold, gems, elixir, dark elixir, etc.

  1. Is Clash of Lights S4 Free?

It’s absolutely free and you can download it any time from the internet. Just search with the term “Clash of Lights S4 apk download” and get your mod apk from a reliable source.

  1. Is Clash of Lights S4 Available on PC?

There is no official version of the mod available for PC use but you can emulate the experience onto your personal computer with an Android Emulator like Blue Stack.

  1. What is an Android Emulator?

It’s a software which allows you to use android apps as well as APK files on your PC. You Wave and Blue Stack are perfect examples.

  1. Do you need to Root your Android device for installing COL S4?

The COL S4 installation doesn’t require you to root the device. It makes use of latest technologies and hence eliminates the requirement effectively.

So, what are you waiting for then? Download clash of lights S4 now and start enjoying a restriction-free gaming experience on your Android device. You will love this all new COC gaming experience.

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